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Create amazing realtime applications. Simply.

What is it?

Insto is an API designed to bring the realtime web to your application, in the simplest way possible.

Our SSL secured Javascript and REST APIs let you add scalable and secure realtime functionality within minutes, without any of the hassle.

How does it work?

Insto utilises a combination of HTML5 Websockets and Node.JS to make the realtime communication possible, with our Javascript API providing compatibility all the way back to Internet Explorer 6.

However, as Insto is a hosted service you don't need to worry about any of this and instead can focus on creating amazing applications.

What can I do?

The short answer is, anything you want! The purpose of Insto is to give you the power to add realtime functionality to your applications in whatever way you see fit.

Whether this means updating graphs and charts in realtime, connecting users in an online game, creating presentation software, pushing high quality leads to your sales team or simply creating a chat service... Insto can do it.

Why should I care?

We believe that developers should be concentrating on creating exciting applications, not managing complicated systems or infrastructure.

Aside from being powerful, flexible and a very simple way to implement realtime functionality into your application, Insto is also extremely scalable.

And because we handle all the heavy lifting and logistics, you don't have to worry about anything and can be up and running in minutes.

Show me.

Simply include our Javascript API, and check out the docs! You are now ready to use Insto, check out some of our demos below.

Chat The quintessential realtime system. Get your first taste of Insto here.
Analytics Use Insto to monitor the users on your site, here we track what browser each user is using in realtime.
UI Sync Synchronise a shared UI between all of your users.